Part of our goal as a breeder is to produce wonderful dogs that exemplify the breed with the assurance that the pups are
healthy, well taken care of and are treated properly before going home with their new families. We LOVE each and every
one of our dogs and pups, and we work to ensure that they will be well-socialized and ready to fit right into their new families.
We are working to continually improve our breeding program
on our breeding stock, evaluating the temperaments and being aware of the good and the bad in each of our dogs
We truly work to ensure that our dogs are a part of the family, well-nourished and cared for, and have a good overall
quality of life while they are with us. We also work hard to ensure that the puppies they produce are properly cared for
and socialized, and that each one of them goes to a loving home.

Our puppies will first and foremost be placed in homes where they will be treated like family and due to recent events we can only allow 1 puppy per litter to be purchased if your family wishes to come back at a future year you will be welcomed

Golden Retriever Puppies Should Be Raised In A Home
Our Golden Retriever puppies are raised in our bedroom/family/living room areas in our home at 2 Weeks  we hold our Golden Retriever puppies with love and affection this bond forms a lifelong deep connection and passes on to there new families which offers Golden Retriever puppies optimum opportunities for socialization which is a necessity for puppies at this stage of their life. Finally, our Golden Retriever puppies are ready for their new homes at approximately 8 to 10 weeks. the puppies are exposed to most household noises that await them with their new family.

We will carefully observe the puppies while they are in our care to make sure they act and function normally. We will assume that most of our puppy buyers already know how to properly prepare for and take care of a puppy, but we will be
happy to provide basic guidance if necessary. To our knowledge, all of our dogs are healthy and free of any congenital defects or diseases.

We will be honest regarding the health history that we are aware of with our dogs, but please know that every dog is different and the amount of information available regarding family medical
history varies for each dog. Just like with people
there is no way to guarantee that a dog will or won’t
have certain health issues, even with genetic health testing.
We have kept in touch with as many of our puppy owners as
possible to help us be aware of any health issues that arise with our pups

And given the backgrounds of our parent dogs, and are therefore the price non-negotiable

but If the initial puppy cost is an issue, we encourage you to look into adopting a dog from a local shelter or from a
rescue organization. The costs involved in owning any dog can be great, but there are thousands of dogs in the
world that would love to have a home and have somebody to love them, and they don’t care if you’re rich! There
are multiple rescue organizations that specifically work toward rescuing golden retrievers and similar breeds.
Method of Payment

We take cash at pickup  online PayPal payments for deposit only

We take all applications once we received your deposit all we ask is patience we place puppies based on next upcoming litter puppy choices can be based on color temperament personality we encourage you to tell us your families needs for your golden retriever puppy because we hope they will be part of your family for a lifetime

First, to be added to our waiting list, please visit our

Puppy Application page complete an application Along with your deposit We work with you to help you choose the right puppy for your family  the waiting list are those who have filled there application and have a deposit for a puppy  those who are on the waiting list will have  updates on mother and her puppies along with pictures or videos The purpose of the Application is to help us find the best possible homes for each pup.

We try to make sure
that you are well-informed on what to expect in owning and raising a golden retriever, what we expect of you as the owner of one of our puppies, and what to expect of us as you go through the process of adopting a puppy from us.

Deposits are nonrefundable deposits roll over to next expected litter if necessary Once your application and deposit are made I put you on our waiting list depending on the gender and color you desire You may choose to apply your deposit to a future litter in the event that circumstances prevent your from taking a puppy or there is not one that meets your criteria.

If you pay the deposit and then
you change your mind about buying the puppy
the deposit will NOT be refunded if your circumstances change we will work with you for a future litter but threats for your deposit you will be blocked or banned I have done research and legally speaking once your agreement has been made you are not entitled to receive your deposit back under any reason

We will only place puppies in homes with families that we believe are capable of providing a loving home for the puppy throughout its lifetime.

The final payment is the total puppy price minus the deposit due at pickup and we only accept cash

Normally we will start allowing the pups to leave us around 8 weeks of age. We prefer that everyone comes at their scheduled times to  pick up their pup but we will try to work with you

Puppy Contract

Once the pups are in their new homes, we expect you to take full responsibility for Health and Medical needs as well as properly training them and to give them a life full of love and happiness, and always remember to send us pictures and keep us
updated! We thrive on getting to see our pups grow and see them in happy homes, and we like to be able
to keep up with their accomplishments and health as well. Please be aware that any information or photos
that you share with us regarding your puppy may also be shared by us on social media, on our website, or
on other sites.

If you find yourself in a circumstance where you cannot keep your puppy, at any age, we ask that you contact us
and allow us to take the puppy back so that we can be sure that the pup gets another good home and we are able to
keep in touch with the new owner. We prefer to have the first right of refusal on all of our puppies. If you already
have another good home lined up for the puppy, you must first communicate with us and allow us to decide
whether the new home will be adequate or allow us to take the puppy back so that we can be sure it’s placed in a good home. Typically, this is on a surrender basis Some things to consider are the age of the dog, the mental and physical condition of the dog, medical
history, how well trained the dog is, whether it is spayed or neutered, etc.

We want our pups to have permanent, loving, life-long homes.
Please consider that the decision to adopt a puppy
is not one that should be taken lightly

We expect our pups to become a family member
and not “just a dog”. We
constantly see people advertising their pups and dogs on social media and trying to find them new homes for
various reasons, usually because they can’t “give him/her the time and attention he/she needs” or “had to move
and can’t bring him/her with me” or “found out a family member is allergic”, etc. All of these things should be
taken into consideration before you bring a puppy home.
Shipping and Delivery

We have never shipped our pups
Small pups may also be flown as a carry-on for anyone who may want to